Foreign Body Retrieval



Olympus is excited to offer eSuction, a single-use foreign body retrieval device that combines snare technology with suction to aid in the retrieval of food bolus impactions, foreign bodies, and excised tissue. The eSuction cap is designed to fit securely onto an endoscope. eSuction comes in two sizes for use in both upper and lower GI procedures.

Key Benefits

Value Proposition
eSuction is a first of its kind device that provides a unique and effective solution for food bolus impactions, foreign bodies and excised tissue.

Clinical Value
eSuction is the only distal attachment device indicated for use in food bolus removal.

Economic Value
The combination of snare and suction technology provides a unique and effective foreign body retrieval solution that may limit the need for additional devices, such as an overtube or grasping forceps.

The combination of endoscopic suction with the eSuction cap maximizes efficiency and could reduce procedure times when removing food bolus impactions.

Product Support

Catalog Number Description Quantity Minimum Working Channel Fits Scope Outer Diameter
ET2000 eSuction, Esophageal 3/box 2.8 mm 8.6 mm – 10.0 mm
ET2001 eSuction, Colonic 3/box 2.8 mm 10.8 mm – 13.2 mm