Pulmonary Biopsy Forceps


Pulmonary Biopsy Forceps

Olympus offers a complete line of disposable EndoJaw™ biopsy forceps, available in sizes that will fit down to a 1.2mm scope channel size.

Product Support

Product Code Product Description Minimum Channel Size (mm)
FB-211D.ASingle-use alligator cup biopsy forceps2.0
FB-221D.ASingle-use alligator cup with needle biopsy forceps2.0
FB-231D.ASingle-use oval cup biopsy forceps2.0
FB-241D.ASingle-use oval cup with needle biopsy forceps2.0
FB-433D Single-use oval cup 1.5 mm biopsy forceps1.7
FB-456D Single-use rat tooth 1.2 mm mini biopsy forceps1.2
FD-231C Single-use oval hot biopsy forceps2.0


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