4K Laparoscopy

Are you ready for
Big Screen Surgery?

How will 4K UHD change
the way you operate?

4K ULTRA HD Innovation by Sony & Olympus
4K UHD is so much more than 4 times the resolution.
See how light, color, and a full 4K imaging chain can change how you operate.
  • Learn best practices for accommodating a 55" surgical display in the O.R.
  • Understand the value of 4K in surgery and how it will impact your procedures
  • See how a wider color gamut than HD impacts the visualization of fine patterns and anatomical structures
  • Discover how to obtain a larger, brighter image with a 5mm scope than your conventional 10mm
  • Learn how patented technology adapted from camcorders transforms the way you focus
  • Understand how to identify true 4K UHD and the limitations of pixel technology currently available
About the Olympus & Sony Partnership
that created 4K UHD™
Sony Olympus Medical Solutions

Here's Who We Are & What We Believe

Olympus and Sony recognized that in order to push past the limits of innovation it was necessary to truly integrate the best technology from sensors, lens, consumer, broadcast and medical technology to achieve true clinical significance.

Working together, there are over 150 engineers in a Silicon Valley-style think tank each with the sole purpose of merging 100 years of technology from Sony with Olympus medical expertise to deliver the future of healthcare technology.

The SOMED mission is to take the best and latest in Sony consumer and broadcast technology and combine them with the Olympus expertise in medical applications to push the boundaries of what is possible in surgery and revolutionize healthcare.