Studies show the best time to detect
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What are anastomatic leaks costing you?

Learn more about the clinical and economic burden of colorectal and bariatric anastomatic leaks.


Anastomotic leaks are a major driver of hospital costs:
  • Average anastomotic leak costs are $48,734 per occurrence; almost a $31,000 higher hospital costs than when leaks do not occur.1
  • LOS is lengthened when an anastomotic leak occurs with an 18 day LOS, 12 days longer than non-anastomotic leaks.1
The risk of 30-day post-op readmissions are significant for initial anastomotic leak cases:
  • There is a 2.9 times greater readmission rate for those cases having an anastomotic leak during the initial hospitalization.1
  • Readmission costs for anastomotic leaks averaged $18,1201.001
  • The all cause readmission rate for initial hospitalization anastomotic leak cases was 21.3%.1
Interventions to prevent the occurrence of anastomotic leaks may have beneficial econoomic consequences:
  • Anastomotic leaks occurring during the procedure present a profound risk.1,4,5
  • Intraoperative Endoscopy is one such measure with the potential to identify risk early through visualization.3
  • Early intervention measures have the potential to avoid downstream hospital costs and to reduce 30-day readmission rates.3
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Intra-Operative Endoscopy (IOE)
supports better clinical outcomes4:
  • Allowed the reduction of potential leak rate by 91.8% compared to no testing4
  • Reduced anastomosis related morbidity from the expected 3.2% to 1.3%4

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