Product Security

Olympus understands the critical role of security in our products and is committed to addressing the security concerns of our customers.

If you have general product security questions, please contact the Olympus Product Security Team at


If you believe there is a security incident involving an Olympus product, please contact the Olympus America Technical Assistance Center at 1-800-848-9024, option 1.


If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in an Olympus product, please complete the following form. Once submitted, the Olympus Product Security Incident Response Team (Olympus-PSIRT) will review and respond to your submission with next steps.

Please note that submitting information on potential vulnerabilities does not create any rights on behalf of the submitting party or obligations on behalf of Olympus. Olympus can use the information at its discretion.

Vulnerability Submission Form


Olympus understands the critical role of the security and data privacy measures within our products and is committed to helping our customers understand what measures are available and how they can be configured. This starts with providing industry accepted documentation such as the Manufacturers Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security (MDS2), which provides a comprehensive overview on the security and data privacy capabilities of the products, as well as detailed instructions on how to securely delete critical data off of the product when no longer necessary.

Additionally, Olympus provides our customers with documentation to help address the vulnerabilities and risks associated with products that process PHI.

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Please find below all advisory communications regarding security events and incidents and their potential impact to Olympus products: