Olympus Now the Exclusive Distributor of the 510(k) Cleared Scope Pro-tech™ Endoscopic Tip Protector

Olympus Offers Solution to Prevent Endoscope Damage and the Associated Risk of Infection and Burden of Repair

Endoscope Distal Tip Damage (Damage Circled on Left) Can Be Costly to Facilities in Terms of Repairs, Strain on Staff and Risk of Infection, Making the Scope Pro-tech Endoscopic Tip Protector from Olympus a Smart Addition to an Infection Prevention Strategy

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., (May 20, 2019) – Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, among other core businesses, announced today that it is launching the Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector, made possible through an exclusive distribution agreement with Meditech Endoscopy Ltd. The Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector, which was 510(k) cleared by the FDA in May 2019, is a sterile, cage-like cover designed to protect the distal tip and bending rubber section of endoscopes from impact or damage while being transported and stored. The Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector design allows continuous airflow and enables safe channel drying without moisture build-up.

The Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector is the newest addition to a robust portfolio of products and services Olympus offers to support endoscope transport, reprocessing and storage with the goal of helping customers maintain uptime while they reduce the need for endoscope repair. Other products in the portfolio include: the ChanlDry Drying Cabinet for thoroughly drying endoscopes and external components; the Endo SafeStack Transport Carts for safely transporting endoscopes and easily differentiating between clean and dirty scopes; the Visual Reprocessing Guide for video support of scope cleaning steps; the UNIFIA endoscope documentation, workflow and asset management software platform; and annual preventative maintenance programs for capital equipment.

With flexible endoscopes playing a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the more than 25 million GI endoscopies performed annually in the U.S.i , it is essential to keep every scope in good working order. When a scope goes out for repair, its absence affects staff, doctors and patients. Repairs are expensive, and downtime during the repair process means that fewer procedures can be scheduled. Ultimately, satisfaction suffers. The Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector may lessen downtime and unnecessary repairs by helping avoid scope damage.

Benefits of the Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector include:

  • Protection of the endoscope during transportation and storage to reduce risk of damage and increase equipment availability;
  • Is available in two sizes to fit most types of endoscope: The ProTech S (Blue) for 2.75mm to 8mm in diameter and the ProTech L (Yellow) for 8.75mm to 14.75mm in diameter;
  • Allows for minimal contact on the endoscope to facilitate aeration and easy removal;
  • In a similar benefit to the Endo SafeStack, helps prevent re-use on subsequent endoscope through the unique “clean/dirty tab” feature;
  • Helps prevent cross-contamination through single use, sterile packaging.

“We estimate that 45 percent of endoscope damage that we see occurs at the distal tip. This is one of the most crucial parts of an endoscope,” said Kurt Heine, Group Vice President at Olympus America, Inc. “Optics are the hallmark of any endoscope, and we have spent 65-plus years perfecting ours to help physicians see the most minute details. Our goal is to be true to patient care, making sure that scopes are spared repair downtime and kept inside procedure rooms, where they do their best work.”

Olympus Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector will be showcased May 18-21 at Olympus Booth #1443 at Digestive Disease Week 2019 in San Diego, CA.

For more information about the Scope Pro-tech endoscopic tip protector, please stop by the booth at DDW or engage your Endoscopy Account Representative.

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i Source: Truven Health Marketscan® Inpatient View (IPV) and Outpatient View, 2015