Olympus Launches New Hemostasis Clip with Advanced Control for GI Endoscopy

QuickClip ProTM Delivers Both Rotational Control and Open and Close Capabilities for Precise Handling and Predictable Performance

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., (September 8, 2014) – Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, among other core businesses, announced today the commercial availability of its 510(k) cleared QuickClip Pro™ hemostasis clip designed for bleed control and defect closure during GI endoscopy procedures.

Unlike prior generation clip fixing devices, the QuickClip Pro combines both superior rotational control to ensure precise placement along with the addition of open and close capabilities for easy repositioning. The importance of the rotation ability is due to the fact that clips often do not come out of the scope in the right orientation, making it challenging to manipulate the clip to the correct angle that would successfully stop a bleed or close a defect.

“I have found the QuickClip Pro to be superior in some features to the other clips on the market,” said Dr. Norio Fukami, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Colorado. “In a retroflexed scope position, it can be inserted and rotated smoothly, and it is strong enough to close large defects. Tissue approximation appears smooth with less slipping.  Because the clip functions well in various scope positions, it would be ideal for complex cases and accessing difficult areas.”

There are more than 22.5 million upper and lower outpatient GI endoscopy procedures performed in the United States annually[i] with approximately 527,000 clips placed during these procedures. Endoscopic clipping represents the fastest growing market for GI endoscopy hemostasis with an annual sales volume of $75.3 million expected in 2014.[ii]

Endoscopic clipping is considered to be one of the simplest and most reliable hemostatic techniques and works by mechanically binding blood vessels to minimizing the risk of re-bleeding and damage to the surrounding tissue while providing instant visual feedback to confirm placement. In addition to hemostasis for mucosal/submucosal defects, bleeding ulcers, arteries, polyps and diverticula in the colon, hemostatic clips can also be used for endoscopic marking and as a supplementary method for closure of some GI tract luminal perforations.

To advance hemostatic technique, the Olympus QuickClip Pro offers all the same signature innovations found on prior generation Olympus clips as well as new advances designed to save procedure time, reduce costs and improve outcomes:

  • The predictable performance of the clips, even in a fully angulated scope, ensures procedural efficiency.
  • The proprietary sheath and clip design minimize the potential for channel damage, helping reduce repair-related expenditures.
  • The clip materials are stronger than stainless steel and tested to remain in place for 14 days for improved procedural outcomes.*

QuickClip Pro clips are designed for use with Olympus endoscopes to address the clipping needs for both upper and lower GI endoscopy.

“As the pioneer in endoscopic clipping, Olympus is committed to maximizing the efficacy of mechanical hemostasis in GI endoscopy,” said Rick Harbuck, Group Vice President of the Endoscopy Division at Olympus America Inc. “By effectively delivering more precise control and placement, QuickClip Pro clips can help facilities meet the requirements of healthcare reform aimed at improving quality of care, decreasing costs and enhancing patient satisfaction.”

Specific advantages of QuickClip Pro in meeting the triple aim of healthcare reform include:

  • Quality of care: Rotational control and open and close functionality allow precise placement and control of the clip, delivering more confidence in treatment with the potential to reduce the risk of complications.
  • Decrease costs: With easier insertion and placement even in complex cases, the clip can help speed up procedures. Extra durable arms with an opening width of 11 mm ensure the clip can reliably cover larger areas and be placed further apart.
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction: With proven performance, QuickClip Pro clips have the potential to reduce the risk of complications from hemostasis, potentially allowing patients to be released from care more quickly.

The QuickClip Pro will be showcased at ASGE’s EndoFest 2014 September 19-21 in Las Vegas, Nev. (Booth #9), and at the ACG 2014 Annual Meeting October 17-22 in Philadelphia, Pa. (Booth #727). Physicians are invited to stop by the Olympus booths at both shows to see the latest advances in hemostatic clipping.

For more information about the QuickClip Pro, please contact Olympus customer service at 866-888-1950, or visit us at medical.olympusamerica.com/products/quickclippro.

About Olympus Medical Systems Group

Olympus Medical Systems Group, a division of global technology leader Olympus, develops solutions for healthcare professionals that help improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance quality of life for their patients. By enabling less invasive procedures, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, and early stage lung cancer evaluation and treatments, Olympus is transforming the future of healthcare.

For more information visit Olympus at www.medical.olympusamerica.com.

[i]   Data for use in this 2012 study were supplied by Truven Health Analytics Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan (“Truven Health”). Any analysis, interpretation or conclusion based on these data is solely that of the authors and Truven Health disclaims responsibility for any such analysis, interpretation or conclusion.

[ii]  US Markets for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Devices 2014, RPUS30GI14, 2014 Millennium Research Group, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction, distribution, transmission or publication is prohibited.  Reprinted with permission.

Olympus funded clinical studies managed by Dr. Fukami to confirm the safe & effective use of this product.

* FDA reviewed simulated testing on file.