Olympus Launches New Generation Video Rhino-Laryngoscopes

Lighter, Slimmer Laryngoscopes Allow Physicians and Therapists Greater Visualization of Key Anatomy

The Slim and Lightweight ENF-VH2/V4 Video Rhino-Laryngoscopes Allow Greater Visualization While Helping Minimize Strain, Maximize Performance and Support Patient Comfort during ENT Procedures.

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., (September 12, 2019) – Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, among other core businesses, announced today the launch of two video rhino-laryngoscopes. Specially designed for laryngological examinations, the ENF-VH2/V4 are slim and lightweight, which helps minimize strain and maximize performance for ENT specialists looking for lesions and speech language pathologists evaluating the physiology of swallowing.

The ergonomic grip and control section of the laryngoscopes allow physicians and therapists to insert the tube more linearly in relation to the patient than the prior model, which helps reduce friction between the scope and the mucosa to facilitate a smoother and more efficient insertion. Patient comfort is especially important in swallowing evaluations as patients are required to eat and drink as part of the procedure.

Illuminating a broad area, the scopes provide detailed, HD-resolution images within the field of view. The luminosity is especially useful when observing the vascular detail of mucosa using the built-in Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) functionality, which highlights minute vascular and mucosal patterns using only wavelengths absorbed by hemoglobin.

The ENF-VH2/V4 supports the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of physicians and therapists through features that:

  • Capture the sharpest image: The scope continuously captures still images before the user pushes the Pre-freeze button. When the button is pressed, the system automatically selects the sharpest available image.
  • Facilitate single-hand control: The lever and switches are designed to facilitate comfortable operation with either the left or right hand.
  • Enhance maneuverability: A redesigned grip and 30% lighter weight than the prior model allows the control section to be held more comfortably.

“Probably the most exciting aspect of using video during swallowing examinations is that the patient becomes an active partner in the healing journey,” said Olympus FEES Educator Stephanie Dodson Mataya, M.S.,CCC/SLP. “The biofeedback mechanism is invaluable, allowing patients to see what’s happening as they swallow. The speech pathologists on our team are always pleased with advancements in handling and ergonomics.”

“Exceptional optics and luminosity are a hallmark of Olympus endoscopic solutions,” said Randy Clark, President, Medical Surgical Group, Olympus America Inc. “These new generation rhino-laryngoscopes not only continue to build on the outstanding imaging technologies and light modalities such as NBI, but also improve the handling and ease of insertion, helping enable a better experience for healthcare providers and patients alike. These are critical factors in helping achieve what has become known as the Quadruple Aim, which adds provider job satisfaction to the three pillars of good patient outcomes, cost reduction and patient satisfaction.”

With the goal of supporting healthcare organizations in achieving the Quadruple Aim, Olympus offers a best-in-class solution for ENT physicians to connect the video rhino-laryngoscopes to their EMR network for increased efficiencies and enhanced patient care using the nCare medical recorder and VaultStream medical content management system.

For more information about the ENF-VH2/V4 video rhino-laryngoscopes, call 800-401-1086 or visit the Olympus America website: https://www.medical.olympusamerica.com/specialty/ent.


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