Image Stream Medical and Olympus introduce MedPresence™, the first Virtual Medical Presence Solution for the Hospital Enterprise

Cloud-based service aims to improve surgical and care team efficiency through a unique, immersive collaboration experience.

Center Valley, PA and Littleton, MA (June 12, 2017) - Olympus Corporation of the Americas (OCA) and Image Stream Medical, Inc. today announced the medical industry’s first enterprise virtual presence solution, MedPresence™. The system enables surgical and interventional clinicians to virtually connect and collaborate in ways that have not been possible, practical, or cost-effective before.

Specifically designed to help improve the delivery of patient care, MedPresence™ provides real-time sharing of procedural imagery, applications, and in-room frame of reference to create a context-rich, immersive experience. The system is intended to empower surgical and care teams to quickly and securely connect to clinical specialists, technicians, trainers, or manufacturer’s representatives from across the organization or around the world, and at any time – virtually.

“Our mission at Image Stream Medical is about innovating to create simple ways for clinicians to connect with each other and sources of visual insight. Our flagship EasySuite® product helps improve the workflows of in-room clinicians by connecting them with imaging sources and patient information. MedPresence™ is the next step in care team efficiency improvement, allowing hospitals to assemble teams of experts, no matter where they are located,” said Eddie Mitchell, Image Stream Medical CEO. “Leveraging virtual experts elevates care team expertise, and protects the patient care environment by reducing room crowding, eliminating security and access concerns, and lowering a patient’s infection risk. And we’ve taken a great deal of care to ensure that all MedPresence™ participants can interact and communicate naturally with one another in the same kinds of ways that they would with an in-room colleague. We know that supporting natural ways of interacting is key to improving teamwork and efficiency.”

The release of MedPresence™ follows the June 1 acquisition of Image Stream Medical, Inc. by Olympus Corporation of the Americas. The completion of this acquisition, along with the release of MedPresence™, marks the start of new collaborations from the two companies.

“Directly on the heels of Image Stream Medical joining the Olympus family, the release of MedPresence™ is a testament to the strength of their innovation. We believe MedPresence™ has the potential to dramatically improve the efficiency and level of expertise of surgical teams by enabling hospitals to assemble highly collaborative teams with virtual experts to support a host of clinical and operational scenarios such as remote clinical consultations, tele-mentoring, care standardization programs, in-case application support, and new equipment training,” said Todd Usen, president, Olympus Medical Systems Group, United States. “We are delighted to have Image Stream Medical on board and look forward to continuing to improve both hospital efficiency and patient care through technologies like MedPresence™.”

Validated by an independent, nationally recognized security firm, MedPresence™ protects the integrity of sensitive information, featuring a fully encrypted, end-to-end security architecture. The patent-pending technology offers innovative features like automated masking of PHI, "on air" indicators, and one-button privacy mode enables real-time collaboration, while safeguarding patient and clinician privacy, as well as ensuring HIPAA compliance.

MedPresence™ and applications for advanced integration in procedure room environments will be on display in the Image Stream Medical booth #415 at the OR Manager Conference on October 2-4 in Orlando, FL.

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About Image Stream Medical
Image Stream Medical is a leader in clinical visual collaboration solutions and focused on a single mission: to improve healthcare by connecting providers with the visual information and collaborative insight they need to deliver exceptional patient care. Since its founding in 1999, Image Stream Medical has achieved that goal by innovating healthcare environment integration solutions that make powerful capabilities easy to use. The result is a clinical workflow experience that is more intuitive, natural and efficient. Image Stream Medical, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Corporation of the Americas.

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