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11/18/2020 Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) Adds Coverage Policy for Severe Emphysema Treatment
06/13/2017 Image Stream Medical and Olympus introduce MedPresence™, the first Virtual Medical Presence Solution for the Hospital Enterprise
04/09/2020 In Response to COVID-19, Olympus Provides Virtual Collaboration Platform at No Charge to Support Social Distancing, Conserve Personal Protective Equipment, and Enable Real-Time Learning.
10/18/2022 International Infection Prevention Week Serves to Highlight New Reprocessing Standards and Available Resources for Infection Preventionists
04/19/2018 InterSystems and Olympus Introduce New Endoscopy Integration Capabilities
05/13/2022 iTind Procedure Wins Gold and Silver Medtech Awards
11/17/2020 iTind System for BPH Treatment Reaches Two Major Milestones: First Commercial Treatments and CMS Reimbursement Code Assigned
02/04/2021 iTind Temporary Implant Rapidly Relieves Enlarged Prostate, Preserves Sexual Function, Says Study
04/16/2024 iTind™ Procedure Available to More Patients through Extended Commercial Payer Coverage
05/16/2019 Joint Educational Partnership to Train Physicians in Use of Endoscopic Ultrasound Will Launch at Digestive Disease Week
02/11/2021 Live Remote Supervision of Neuroendovascular Surgery Enabled by Olympus MedPresence®
04/07/2021 Live Webinar: Reimagining the Clinical Space Using Virtual Technologies
11/21/2022 Lung Cancer Awareness Month Highlights Importance of Preventive Screenings
03/02/2023 Making the Fight Against Colorectal Cancer a Family Affair
01/13/2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Day serves as a reminder to increase efforts to eliminate disparities in healthcare
01/12/2023 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Shines Spotlight on Continuing Need to Address Health Inequities and Improved Access
11/03/2022 Medicare Issues Final Rule that Increases Payment Rates for iTind Procedure Performed in Outpatient Settings
08/30/2023 Mourning the Loss of James Casey: Olympus Friend and CRCA Champion
09/08/2016 New 2016 AUA/SUO Clinical Practice Guideline Recommends Olympus NBI Technology for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
05/08/2014 New Frontiers in Lung Disease: Olympus Launches Two New Endoscopes for Peripheral and Small Anatomy Bronchoscopy
05/02/2014 New Olympus EU-ME2 Ultrasound Processor Delivers Versatile, Cost-Effective Resource for Sharing Across Specialties
07/25/2022 New Olympus OEV321UH Monitor Brings Value, Expansion of 4K Offering and a Range of Compatibility Options for Endoscopy and Surgical Suites
12/19/2019 New Study Identifies Upstream and Downstream EUS Revenue
01/18/2021 New Treatment for Severe Emphysema Now Covered Under Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
06/03/2021 New Treatment for Severe Emphysema Now Covered Under Medical Mutual of Ohio

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