Proven sampling, precision redefined.

Meet the demands of your most challenging
EBUS-TBNA cases with the ViziShot portfolio of needles.

The Olympus EBUS-TBNA needle line has been used in countless procedures since Olympus first introduced EBUS-TBNA to the market over 13 years ago.

The trusted family of ViziShot EBUS-TBNA needles has grown to include ViziShot 2 FLEX 19 G, ViziShot 2 21 G and ViziShot 2 22 G to help sample even the most difficult lymph nodes.

The best just got better
ViziShot 2

The Olympus ViziShot 2 21 G and 22 G needles offer all of the benefits of the original ViziShot needles now with improved features, including added flexibility, enhanced puncture capabilities, and a colored sheath.

From flexibility to safety, ViziShot 2 offers the features that matter.

The ViziShot 2 offers improved flexibility to reach even difficult lymph node stations, such as 4L, with approximately 10° more angulation in the scope.

ViziShot 2 features a redesigned, sharper needle tip, improving puncturability.

The sharper needle-tip design of the ViziShot 2 21 G and 22 G reduces puncture force and resistance for smoother passage, including through cartilage and calcified lymph nodes. The echogenic dimpled tip provides outstanding visibility on ultrasound images, enabling direct visualization and unparalled precision.

The easier-to-distinguish colored sheath of the ViziShot 2 enhances endoscopic visibility.

The new green-colored sheath tip provides greater contrast against blood, mucus and halation to increase endoscopic visibility.

The novel coil-sheath design significantly minimizes sheath movement to help prevent loss of the needle on ultrasound during puncture.

Achieve more at the source.
ViziShot 2 FLEX 19 G

With remarkable flexibility and an impressively large inner lumen,
the ViziShot 2 FLEX 19 G needle further advances the capabilities of
EBUS-TBNA for diagnosing lung disease and staging lung cancer.

Improved Access.

The ViziShot 2 FLEX features an innovative needle tip design to deliver outstanding flexibility—a breakthrough in angulation performance, especially for a 19 G needle. Spiral laser cuts on the needle surface provide greater flexibility to outperform most other EBUS-TBNA needles on the market.

The result is a needle that enables the clinician to obtain ample quantities of high-quality specimens—even in the most challenging locations.

Substantial tissue

As the only 19 G EBUS-TBNA needle currently available in the United States, the ViziShot 2 FLEX, with its larger inner lumen, outperforms its peers in sample collection.

The enlarged inner lumen and optimal puncture performance enables substantial tissue collection for more comprehensive histological analysis.

Enhanced safety and ease of use.

As part of the ViziShot 2 generation of EBUS-TBNA needles, the ViziShot 2 FLEX includes a proprietary double-locking safety feature to help avoid unintended needle protrusion. The new ViziShot 2 FLEX handle is designed to enhance stability and improve needle control for the duration of the procedure.

Optimized visualization
and control.

EBUS-TBNA allows real-time, ultrasound-guided placement of the needle as it penetrates the target tissue. For pinpoint accuracy, the distal end of the ViziShot 2 FLEX is treated with spiral echogenic markings to optimize the visualizationof the needle tip on the ultrasound image.

Your clinically proven partner.
ViziShot 21/22 G EBUS-TBNA Needles

The Olympus ViziShot EBUS-TBNA needles have been used in millions of procedures worldwide since Olympus first introduced EBUS-TBNA to the market over 13 years ago. The same trusted original ViziShot 21/22 G needles you've relied upon continue to serve as the foundation of our EBUS-TBNA portfolio. We're proud to now improve upon this legacy, bringing new innovations to the ViziShot family, including the ViziShot 2 and ViziShot 2 FLEX needles.

With a redesigned handle, the ViziShot 2 and the ViziShot 2 FLEX provide a more confident feel.

The advanced handle and bronchoscope adapter enhance stability and improve needle control for the duration of the procedure.

The exclusive double-locking mechanism prevents accidental needle protrusion to protect you and your patients and reduce the risk of bronchoscope damage.