ORBEYE Exoscope:
The Future of Spine Surgery is Looking Up!

Olympus Welcomes Attendees of the 15th Annual USCF Spine Symposium 2020



Discover the Next Evolution of Surgical Visualization

Enhanced image detail and ergonomic design – ORBEYE, offering you the freedom of big screen surgery with true
4K and 3D advanced technology, unlimited sight angles and superior image quality.




Game Changing 4K – 3D Imaging Technology

Big Screen 4K – 3D Visualization

  • End to end 4K System with four times the resolution of HD imaging helps to see the detail.
  • 3D provides natural depth of field visualization while remaining in a natural ergonomic operating position.
  • Larger Color Gamut allows for delineation of tissue boundaries, visualization of blood vessels and lesions.

No Image Latency

  • Fast image processing achieves real-time visualization.
  • ORBEYE’s powerful processing system produces zero delay between surgeon’s movements and 3D image on monitor for visualizing precise instrument placement.

4K – 3D Imaging Chain

  • All of the components work together seamlessly to generate improved visibility.
  • Each component, from the light to the monitor, is built specifically for the 4K UHD / full 4K.


Ergonomic Benefits of Heads-Up Surgery

Freedom from Ocular Lens

  • Surgeon is untethered from the traditional ocular lens of surgical microscopes, allowing for an ergonomic, heads-up posture and positioning which may relieve stress on surgeon’s head and neck intra-operatively.

Optical & Digital Zoom

  • The digital zoom function allows for quick magnification change from X1 to X26 depending on configuration.
  • At high magnification, ORBEYE provides the capability to recognize details of the brain parenchimal surface and direction of the nerve fibers.
  • Instant change between high and low magnification is useful for anastomosis of vessels and visualization of the anatomy.

Greater Positioning Flexibility for Various Approaches

  • ORBEYE’s small and flexible head enables the surgeon to observe the surgical field from various angles which facilitates multiple surgical positions, approaches and techniques without the compromise of surgeon posture or discomfort when compared with conventional microscopes.
  • ORBEYE’s streamlined and compact optical head design provides ample surgical site space for unobstructed hand and instrument movements intraoperatively. Surgeons have both an unobstructed direct line of operative sight simultaneously while viewing magnified 3D images on the monitor.

Immersive Experience of Team Surgery

Operative Efficiency

  • Surgeons and assistants can work side by side in the same orientation.
  • Facilitates multiple operator workflows for various procedures and approaches.
  • Immersive experience for the entire OR team, providing magnified 3D surgical site images.
  • Staff inclusion in magnified 3D visualization may allow for greater step anticipation and preparedness.

Education Advantage

  • ORBEYE imaging system is invaluable for lab training and education because every participant can see the same high-quality 4K-3D immersive images of the surgical field at the same time.
  • All surgical procedures can be saved using 4K-3D recorder, allowing residents to review the surgical procedure at anytime.
  • Surgical procedures can be explained by senior surgeons using an integrated pointer on the monitor.

O.R. Environmental Solutions

Plug and Play

  • ORBEYE eliminates the need for pre-procedure balancing or center of gravity adjustment. Traditional surgical microscopes require this step due to changes of the machine’s center of gravity when moving heavier ocular eyepieces.

Easy Transportation

  • Thanks to its compact and light weight design, ORBEYE can be easily transported from OR to OR.

Easy Draping

  • ORBEYE’s compact optical head and arm design facilitate simple and quick one-person sterile draping.

Applicable for Various Specialties

  • Due to its versatile design, the ORBEYE can be a visualization tool for multiple surgical specialties and procedures.
  • ORBEYE’s compact size offers convenient placement in multiple OR configurations.
  • Multiple specialty usage may increase cost-effectiveness and utilization as well as provide a return on investment for administration.

ORBEYE COVID-19 Case Study Published in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Exoscope and Personal Protective Equipment Use for Otologic Surgery in the Era of COVID-19


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