EndoWorks® 7 Endoscopy Information Management Solution

The Olympus EndoWorks® 7 is a robust, web-based information management solution that spans all stages of GI and pulmonary patient care. EndoWorks 7 can be configured to meet your needs, and it allows you to capture HD clinical images and videos, generate physician procedure reports and letters, and archive critical patient data to your HIS/EMR system. With HL7/DICOM support, EndoWorks is designed to ensure the interoperability of systems used to produce, store, display, process, send, retrieve, query, or print medical images and derived structured documents. And now, EndoWorks offers a colonoscopy benchmarking app to simplify participation in the GIQuIC Registry providing seamless data preparation, collection, and validation for a time-saving submission process. Learn more by speaking with an Olympus representative.

Features & Benefits

EndoWorks 7 includes features such as automated pathology, image management, advanced reporting, HL7/DICOM interfaces and robust security.

Support Services

Our Support and Maintenance Agreement provides your facility 24/7 technical support, remote system monitoring, maintenance services and software updates.

Updates & Policies

For our latest software updates and policies, please visit our document support page.