Easier, faster, reliable reprocessing with the only AER designed by an endoscope manufacturer

With our combined industry expertise, knowledge, and experience, Olympus has developed a dual-scope reprocessor designed to assure the best-possible reprocessing outcome for your Olympus flexible endoscopes. The OER-Pro assures optimal compatibility between scopes, reprocessor, and chemistry.

Quick Reprocessing Time

Simultaneous reprocessing of two flexible scopes in about 29 minutes, or one scope at a time, including Olympus ultrasound scopes and other specialty models.

Compact and Smart Design

Simple configuration in a compact 18"-wide design—half the size of earlier reprocessors—helps ease operation and installation while minimizing space requirements. Also equipped with casters for increased mobility and accessibility.

Modified Manual Cleaning

Easier and faster cleaning process, which eliminates 7 of the 11 manual cleaning steps, including the most labor-intensive and variable part of the process: manual flushing of the endoscope channels with detergent, water, and air.

Automated Scope ID System

Equipped with a simple-to-use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) management system, which provides automated traceability of the scope serial and model numbers, operator, and time of reprocessing to eliminate cumbersome manual input from a keypad or barcode.

Data Management

Simplify data input, streamline accurate record keeping, and reduce the need for paper receipt searches with two dedicated data management solutions that can be scaled to meet any busy reprocessing center's budgetary needs. OER-Pro data management solutions are focused on mitigating risk and acheiving superior reprocessing compliance. Contact your local Olympus sales representative for more information on the Olympus Reprocessing Management Module and Data Capture Unit.

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