QuickPlaceV Biliary Stenting System


Plastic Stents

QuickPlaceV Biliary Stenting System

The QuickPlaceV biliary stenting system delivers enhanced stent insertion and easier deployment along with an array of stents offering optimal flexibility and an improved design. Now with a much wider range in stent shapes, lengths, and diameters, clinicians can choose a stent configuration that precisely meets their biliary duct stenting requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Optimal Stent Flexibility: Softer material and maximized inner lumen provide optimal flexibility to maintain drainage. The new QuickPlaceV is 45% softer than conventional models.
  • Enhanced Insertability of Introducer: Improved material enhances pushability, allowing the stent to be delivered as targeted.
  • Adjustable Length of Introducer: The distal length of the introducer can be customized for individual circumstances. Shortening of the introducer can deliver more power for passing tight strictures.

Product Support

Olympus Plastic Stents and Stent Introducers are available in a wide array of sizes, lengths, and shapes to meet the needs of every clinical application. 

For detailed specifications please contact customer service for assistance.