SPiN Perc™ Localization Needles

Percutaneous Devices

SPiN Perc™ Localization Needles

Tip-tracked localization needles allow physicians to place dye markers percutaneously with continuous navigation in the OR minutes before a resection takes place. 19 G needles are offered in a 1 cm or 2 cm marking zone.

Key Benefits

  • Maintain navigation throughout the entire procedure, including dye injection 
  • Localize in the OR immediately before resection 
  • Laser-etched ports designed to leave a dye-trail to the nodule 
  • Marking zone options for different lesion depths and sizes 

Potential complications which may be associated with localization prior to resection using the SPIN System may include, but are not limited to pneumothorax, bleeding, infection, and rare cases air embolism, tumor seeding and death. Attention to biopsy planning and technique and post procedural care may help to prevent or minimize potential complications.

Prior to using the Spin Navigation System™, please refer to the manufacturers instructions for use.

Product Support

Catalog Number INS-56101
Item Description SPiN Perc Localization Needle, 1 cm1
SPiN Perc Localization Needle, 2 cm2
SPiN Perc Localization Needle Size 19 G, 105 mm