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Bariatric Solutions from Olympus Surgical Energy

Olympus provides Bariatric surgeons with optimal energy for reliable vessel sealing and operating efficiency across the spectrum of bariatric procedures. Whether navigating through complex revisional surgery or trying to efficiently complete sleeve gastrectomy/roux-en-y procedures, Olympus has the mix of energy products to make it easier for you to operate at your best.



Single-use device that represents superior performance and procedural efficiency compared to competitive offerings in the bariatric space:

  • Performance – superior hemostasis compared to Harmonic Ace +7 and greater procedural efficiency compared to Ligasure Maryland
  • Combined energy device – efficient tissue cutting with superior 7mm vessel sealing


Single-use device that represents superior performance and procedural efficiency compared to competitive offerings in the bariatric space:

  • Performance – equal to, or better than Harmonic Ace +7
  • Ultrasonic-only Device – efficient tissue cutting with 5mm vessel sealing

EPF-1 Generator

The EPF-1 Surgical Tissue Management System is the only energy platform that delivers every common form of energy used in surgery today (monopolar, bipolar, ultrasonic and advanced bipolar) as well as the revolutionary THUNDERBEAT combination of advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energies.

A truly multi-functional platform, the EPF-1 supports cutting edge technology designed for specific procedural needs and meets all of the broader requirements for facility standardization. The EPF-1 eliminates the need for single purpose generators, reducing the number of systems staff need to learn and operate and providing a less cluttered OR environment.

By providing the choice of optimal energy when and where it matters most, the EPF-1 Surgical Tissue Management System makes it easier for you to operate at your best.

Clinical Evidence

Seal Performance

Designed for Reliable 7mm Vessel Sealing.


  • Vessel burst pressure is widely regarded as the gold standard measure of seal strength
  • In preclinical testing, THUNDERBEAT provided the highest average burst pressure

Harmonic Ace & Ace+ not indicated for sealing 5-7mm vessels Bench top test using >4mm ≤ 7mm porcine arteries. Data on file. Individual values seen in the human model may vary.


  • In preclinical Testing, ALLTHUNDERBEAT seals withstood greater than 2x systolic pressure
  • Harmonic Ace +7 burst at pressures as low as 135mmHg
  • LigaSure Maryland burst at pressures as low as 219mmHg

Bench top test using >4mm ≤ 7mm porcine arteries. N=30 Data on file. Individual values seen in the human model may vary

Reliable 7mm Sealing with Rapid Seal Cycles

Bench top test using >4mm ≤ 7mm porcine arteries . N=30 Data on file. Data on file.
Individual values seen in the human model may vary.

Tissue Cutting Speed

Best in Class Tissue Cutting Speed For Efficiency.

Value of Integrated Energy

  • Enables best in class cutting speed (1 step to seal & cut)
  • Bipolar devices sacrifice speed requiring a mechanical blade to cut (Multiple steps)

THUNDERBEAT Tissue Cutting Speed

Bench top test using 20cm porcine mesentery. Data on file. Individual values seen in the
human model may vary.

Similar Thermal Safety Profile

Similar Maximum Temperatures

  • Through integrated energy THUNDERBEAT reaches the temperature required to transect tissue faster while maintaining a similar max temperature compared to ultrasonic energy devices

Insulated Coating on top of the Upper Jaw

  • Near sensitive structures the probe may be flipped so the insulated top jaw is towards the sensitive structure

Bench top test utilizing porcine mesentery 10activations . N=10 Activation stopped immediately when cutting complete. Data on file. Individual values in the human model may vary.

Thermal Spread

Minimal Thermal Spread

Many factors influence thermal spread including the amount of time tissue is exposed to energy (heat), power settings, tissue conditions etc.

  • THUNDERBEAT’s faster cutting speed provides reduced exposure of the tissue to energy

Preclinical Testing

  1. THUNDERBEAT Seal & Cut mode demonstrated an 0.9mm average thermal spread
  2. Milsom et al.2 reported
    Enseal Harmonic Ace LigaSure THUNDERBEAT
    Thermal Spread (mm) 1.8 1.5 1.7 1.6
  3. Seehofer et al.1 noted no lateral thermal damage in small bowel specimens after division of the mesentery at a distance of 5mm from the bowel wall when comparing THUNDERBEAT, Harmonic Ace and LigaSure

Invivo test using 0.5-7mm porcine vessels . N=20. Data on file. Individual values seen in the human model may vary.

Immediate spot coagulation to manage bleeding

Hemostasis Management

Unprecedented Versatility: Hemostasis Management

THUNDERBEAT seal mode delivers bipolar energy (only).

  • Ability to pre seal large vessels for increased confidence
  • Immediate spot coagulation without instrument exchange when you need to manage bleeding
  • Tissue impedance feedback for controlled energy application

Harmonic portfolio does not have a bipolar mode for controlled coagulation without cutting.

Dissection and Grasping

Unprecedented Versatility: Precise & Blunt Dissection. Precise Fine Dissection & Blunt Dissection.

THUNDERBEAT provides precise dissection with ability to cut to the tip for

  • Fine dissection
  • Defining tissue planes through nip cutting

THUNDERBEAT’s refined tip and strong jaw opening force enables

  • Easy entry into tight anatomy
  • Ability to separate tissue planes
Fine & Blunt Dissection

Create Otomies

Unprecedented Versatility: Secure Tissue Grasping

Secure Grasping

THUNDERBEAT provides secure tissue grasping with the highest tip grasping force.

Additional Evidence


Seehofer et al1 reported

  • Significantly higher burst pressure with THUNDERBEAT
  • THUNDERBEAT shown to achieve burst pressures comparable to peak values of mechanical occlusion by surgical clips

Milsom et al.2 published

  • THUNDERBEAT has a higher versatility compared with the other instruments tested with faster dissection speed, similar bursting pressure, and acceptable thermal spread


Milsom et al.3 reported with THUNDERBEAT

  • Major vessel ligation was successful in all subjects
  • No intraoperative or postoperative complications related to use of THUNDERBEAT

Lin et al.4

  • Thunderbeat successfully sealed all major vessels without the need for additional energy sources in all the cases
  • Hemostasis was good, and no incidents of postoperative bleeding or hematoma were reported

Education and Training

  • National Bariatric Course – please contact your Olympus sales rep for further details


  • Clinical Conferences:

    ASMBS Obesity Weekend
    June 8-10, 2017
    San Diego, CA

    ASCRS Annual Meeting
    June 10-14, 2017
    Seattle, WA

    AAO Annual Meeting
    September 10-12, 2017
    Chicago, IL

    ACS Annual Meeting
    October 22-26, 2017
    San Diego, CA

    ASMBS Obesity Week Annual Meeting
    October 29 – November 3, 2017
    Washington D.C.

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